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Save the planet with Chris Browne BrowneProject

The Last River To Flow (Climate Change Song)

The Last River To Flow (Climate Change Song) Official music video and single download

Original indie, folk, rock singer songwriter ‘Chris Browne BrowneProject’ releases brand new song ‘The Last River To Flow (Climate Change Song) official music video and single a new indie rock sound from Chris this track is the first of an album of ten songs released by Chris from his coming album ‘The Reaper Anthem’ recorded at his home studio Chris produces a new sound a new him self produced, written, and composed by Chris with signature chatter in the intro of tracks on the album inspired by Noel Gallagher & Oasis records 1990’s retro style with speaking in the intro of various songs. Chris has been recording for the past year so its great to hear some new music and fresh new songs and sounds is the hard work that is paying off……………….a determined Chris plans to be gigging this year and festivals around the UK, stripped back songs on acoustic for live.

save the planet.. the last river to flow (climate change song) below are pics of the latest singles and coming album ‘The reaper Anthem’ these tracks are available for download for just £1 from our official record label store

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Do you still CD ? Radioactive Cities CD album is here

The latest official and Radioactive Cities CD album is here

Chris Browne BrowneProject UK indie rock, folk singer songwriter and producer releases debut audio CD Radioactive Cities each song has its own personal meaning embedded with a message of positivity Chris uses his music to help others just like him influenced by life, life, wins losses and gains and also sings about his personal experience with mental health issues a real life sound from a real life artist

CD Album

mp3 download available if preferred

featuring the singles

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The Indie Decade Is here with the hit single music video ‘molly’ by Chris Browne BrowneProject

Ladies and gentlemen Chris Browne BrowneProject’s new album is here ‘The Indie Decade’ 15 of his best songs from 2011 to 2021 current times includes the hit single ‘Molly’ with official video release below you can also find the full album for free in the soundcloud embed below aswell as the full album on bandcamp music –

The hit single ‘Molly’ By Chris Browne browneProject from ‘The Indie Decade’

‘The Indie Decade’

This is a hand full of 15 of my best songs you know releases from the past ten years. not a greatest hits because i still have a lot more music to come its not over yet its only just begun consider it more of the best bits so far than a greatest hits album I do hope you enjoy my music.
This album is called ”The Indie Decade”
All Music, Lyrics are written by Christopher Patrick Brown [me] –
Chris Browne BrowneProject –
Hat Man Can LTD Records All Rights reserved

The Indie Decade is now available to download/listen to on bandcamp music