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The Indie Decade Is here with the hit single music video ‘molly’ by Chris Browne BrowneProject

Ladies and gentlemen Chris Browne BrowneProject’s new album is here ‘The Indie Decade’ 15 of his best songs from 2011 to 2021 current times includes the hit single ‘Molly’ with official video release below you can also find the full album for free in the soundcloud embed below aswell as the full album on bandcamp music –

The hit single ‘Molly’ By Chris Browne browneProject from ‘The Indie Decade’

‘The Indie Decade’

This is a hand full of 15 of my best songs you know releases from the past ten years. not a greatest hits because i still have a lot more music to come its not over yet its only just begun consider it more of the best bits so far than a greatest hits album I do hope you enjoy my music.
This album is called ”The Indie Decade”
All Music, Lyrics are written by Christopher Patrick Brown [me] –
Chris Browne BrowneProject –
Hat Man Can LTD Records All Rights reserved

The Indie Decade is now available to download/listen to on bandcamp music

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English Musician Chris Browne BrowneProject Imparts Powerful Messages about Mental Health in his Soundscape

Supremely talented English singer Chris Browne BrowneProject creates a soundscape featuring original and addictive rhythms and meaningful lyrical illustrations.

Rochdale, Lancashire Aug 2021 – English indie singer-songwriter Chris Browne BrowneProject presents a series of heart-rending melodic pieces that resonate with many. He has recently released an incredibly relatable lyrical piece, Take A Little Time – Single version’ on major streaming platforms. The track talks about moving on leaving all the negativity behind by taking some time off of life and pondering on those things that pull someone back. The next single, A Life Time Of Promises – Original debut 169 album version’ fills the hearts of the audience with hope and confidence. Both the tracks feature wonderful instrumental riffs blended with his angelic voice like butter.

The multi-talented musician has been making music for years. He stepped into the scene in his younger years. He has come a long way, making a permanent name for himself. He has mental health disorder and that never could hold him back from following his dreams. He wants to help individuals like him, going through the same issues as him with his thought-provoking music about mental health.

Inspired by iconic artists like John Lennon, John Butler, Bob Marley, Noel Gallagher Chris Browne BrowneProject, makes music that has depth and soul. His finest numbers ‘Take A Little Time – Single version’ and ‘A Life Time Of Promises – Original debut 169 album version’ shake the minds of the listeners with their meaningful resonance. Working with Hat Man Can LTD Records he is releasing his music on Spotify. He is currently working on a 13-track studio album releasing in 2022. Follow him on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more updates.

To visit his Spotify profile, go through the below link :

Take A Little Time – Single version:

A Life Time Of Promises – Original debut 169 album version:

Chris Browne BrowneProject is also on Spotify if you would like to hear his soundscape