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The Indie Decade Is here with the hit single music video ‘molly’ by Chris Browne BrowneProject

Ladies and gentlemen Chris Browne BrowneProject’s new album is here ‘The Indie Decade’ 15 of his best songs from 2011 to 2021 current times includes the hit single ‘Molly’ with official video release below you can also find the full album for free in the soundcloud embed below aswell as the full album on bandcamp music –

The hit single ‘Molly’ By Chris Browne browneProject from ‘The Indie Decade’

‘The Indie Decade’

This is a hand full of 15 of my best songs you know releases from the past ten years. not a greatest hits because i still have a lot more music to come its not over yet its only just begun consider it more of the best bits so far than a greatest hits album I do hope you enjoy my music.
This album is called ”The Indie Decade”
All Music, Lyrics are written by Christopher Patrick Brown [me] –
Chris Browne BrowneProject –
Hat Man Can LTD Records All Rights reserved

The Indie Decade is now available to download/listen to on bandcamp music

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